Nancy Lipson, MSW, RSW  Clinical Social Work / Therapist  Qualifications   Years in Practice:  10 Years   School:  Wilfrid Laurier   License No. and Province:  810483 Ontario

Nancy Lipson, MSW, RSW

Clinical Social Work / Therapist


Years in Practice: 10 Years

School: Wilfrid Laurier

License No. and Province: 810483 Ontario

My Philosophy

       I understand the importance of being listened to, truly listened to. I believe feeling a connection with another person has the power to help us understand ourselves better and helps us grow. Emotions are central to our lives and some people grow up in environments that do not allow them to learn how to navigate the world of emotions effectively. Therapy is about helping people learn to navigate this world and learn to accept themselves and their emotions. Emotions can be uncomfortable and intense, and we need to be able to manage during these times in a healthy way. Without learning how to do this unhealthy coping can result. To recover from this it is necessary to understand all aspects of that unhealthy behaviour and what to do about it.

my Story

       I started off working as a research coordinator and was able to connect well with my research participants.  I not only learned a lot about eating disorders (which was the subject of my research studies), but I also learned a lot about myself.  I understand the pull to want to be perfect, the effort that is required, and the fact that it isn’t sustainable.  I became increasingly aware of the discrepancy between the expectations I had for myself compared and the expectations others had for my work. 

my Credentials

       My skills in connecting with people led me to return to school to complete a Master’s in Social Work, with the goal of becoming a therapist. In addition to my 7 years working as a research coordinator, once completing my Master’s I worked at Centre for Addiction and Mental Health and North York General Hospital in eating disorders for 8 years. I currently work part time at Markham Family Health Team. I have training in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Mindfulness, and Psychodynamic Therapy. I continuously attend professional development opportunities to keep up my knowledge and skills.